Latest projects


SNMP and web communication interface system for real-time control and management of computer configurations for multiviewers CBP-100 by Craltech Electronica.


Interactive sound installation Alfabeto consisting of a controllable system sounds banks through the GPIO physical interface on Raspberry Pi, for the artist Marcel·lí Antunez Roca.


Multimedia interactive installation Alsaxy composed of a set of episodes with scenes and a capture video system configurable and controllable, presented in Le Shadock at Strasbourg, for the artist Marcel·lí Antunez Roca.


Real-time multimedia production system for the interactive telepresence project Ultraorbism, presented distributively between the Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona and the University of Falmouth on April 9,2015.

Tutoring Final Projects of the Master in Digital Arts

Tutoring Final Projects of the Master of Digital Arts by Universitat Pompeu Fabra UPF

Arbre Paradís

Multimedia interactive installation ArbreParadis composed of a synchronization system of video layers through sensory tapestries and a Miccam, for the artist Marcel·lí Roca Antúnez.

Thank You For Dancing

Videogame for creating dance choreography, based on a 3D captures system, held for the show Thank You For Dancing by Les Filles Föllen.

Hamaca Educa

Web management system for teaching content and inscriptions for the project Hamaca Educa for the video art distributor and electronic arts Hamaca.

Sistematurgy: Actions, Devices and Drawings

Implementation of various interactive installations of graphics in real time for the exhibition Sistematurgy: Actions, Devices and Drawings by Roca Antúnez Marcel·lí at the Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona.

  • Display system with multiple video projection configuration and playback for the devices room.
  • Head Ventricol System for speech or voice recording via VST plugin by voctrolabs, and video playback for the mental flashlight.
  • Conde. Vision system for detecting a set of postcards and the presence of players to move from one continuous video playback to augmented reality game.
  • Miccam. Viewing the camera according to the volume of voice.
  • Graphics layer of mapped pixels for generating symmetries and effects on different banks of video for the poetic concert Membrana.
  • Reprogramming interactive installation Epizoo.

The Musics of 1714

Video interactive system for the exhibition The Musics of 1714 for the Museum of Music at the Auditorium of Barcelona.

It forms a zone 'karaoke' where visitors can sing two songs from the era and discover the differences between the way of composing popular songs at the time and today.
Temporary exhibition: 15 May-19 October 2014. Vestibule Oriol Martorell (No. 2) Hall, L'Auditori.

openFrameworks Seminar at Master in Digitals Arts UFP

Introductory seminar of openFrameworks development environment in the Master in Digital Arts IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • Introduction and installation. Fundamental concepts. Reference resources.
  • Generation and graphics manipulation. OpenGL.
  • Treatment of video and audio. OpenCV computer vision.
  • Communication between applications and devices. Open Sound Control, Serial and Arduino.


Real time graphics layer composed of different configurable tools like video capture, computer vision and generating pixel maps with remote accessibility for Pseudo show, directed by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca.

OVNI - Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat

Multimedia system, on-line and local network for Arxiu de l'Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat, which contains a separate video shows emphasizing the critique of contemporary culture and society.


Hamaca On-line

Update and revision of the video art distributor and electronic arts Hamaca's web catalog with Catalan integration, detection and correction on the email system, accessibility, packs and curated programs management.

Hamaca On-line

Telepresence and Open Sound Control

Development, implementation and support of a module for network communication between two stations using Open Sound Control, for use in tele-presence workshop, conducted in the research and production center of visual arts Hangar in Barcelona. With free software Scenic and an OSC to MIDI converter with Pure Data and reverse different stations communicated at the Center for Art and Industrial Creation Laboral of Gijón and the Société des Arts Technologiques SAT Montreal.

Telepresence and Open Sound Control


Thematic sessions with introductory content programming applied to visual interaction within the program of the Open Thursdays in the center of visual arts production and research Hangar in Barcelona.

  • Introduction to Processing _02
  • Introduction to the Open Sound Control protocol (OSC) _09
  • Introduction to the Python programming language _05
  • Introduction to programming for creative uses _01

Asociación Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador AANME

Development of a platform plugin for Wordpress publication of a catalog of video works by the Asociación Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador AANME, based on the on-line system for the distribution of video art and electronic arts Hamaca.


Calendars system for sport competitions

Analysis and implementation of a web system for generating and managing schedules of competitions based on pairings and combinations of various features of conditioning.

Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca

Multimedia content management system for the artist Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, known internationally for its mechatronic performance and its robotic installations.

Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca

Audio Visual Instant Message

Analysis, development, deployment and implementation of a management system for a multimedia instant messaging application.


Modification of CMS Indexhibit package for installation and operation in certain local operating systems.

Augmented genetic diversity

Assisting in the analysis and implementation of the multimedia installation "Diversitat genètica augmentada" designed for the open day of the Biomedical Research Park in Barcelona.


Assisting in the development and implementation of the application for cataloging and search multimedia Circâre within the Postcapital project.

Georgina Escutia

Web Manager for the study of graphic design and communication Georgina Escutia.

Georgina Escutia